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Season 3 Episode 6: “Let’s start the Discussion”

Spencer made it back from Eldora just in time to podcast! The  boys go over the weekend as they highlight the Dirt LAte Model Dream and the Masters of the Pros as well as some Money in the Bank talk from Monday night! Then the guys get serious and start a discussion that really needs to be had and that is drug and alcohol use in the campgrounds at race tracks by drivers and how unsafe it could be come race time if they are not completely sober. They finish it off talkign Sauble opening night and complaining about the lack of results being posted from the Nats on Sunday! Listen now!


Season 3 Episode 5: “The Stand”

On this episode the boys are back! Big things went on at track all across theprovince but the big talk is alll about the difficult decision the Hallyburton racing team made to not race the last NASCAR Whelen All American Series race night at Sunset Speedway. They go thorugh the entire story from start to finish.
The boys allso chat about opening night at Peterborough Speedway, drop some breaking news on the late model field for Sauble Speedways opener this weekend as well as talk The Dirt Late Model Dream, Master of the Pros and Money in the bank races all happening this weekend! Not a bad weekend to go for a trip to michigan and Ohio.

Season 3 Episode 4: Bobby Fu&%in’ Pierce

Spencer and Thayne are back and they cover a bevy of topics ranging from the Stock Car Nationals at Bristol 2 weeks ago to the upcoming Late model Dream at Eldora. We then get into Ontario racing and the goings on there-in. 


Season 3: Episode 3- “Paul Maltese”

The Boys are joined by Paul Maltese for an introspective into Paul's new program and all of the changes this winter as he is now the driver and not owner. 


Season 3 Episode 2: “Evolution”

Spencer and Thayne are back with a new episode that talks about some big heavy hitter items for this upcomng race season. The delve into the schedule as it pertains to big races and the amount of races. They talk cost of racing and what led the thunder car toward the super stock late models that they are now. They talk TRACTION CONTROL! Listen Now! 


Traction Control Links!



Elbows up Season 2 Episode 4: Tyler Millwood

Tyler Millwood Joins the boys for a discussion about what his plans are for the 2018 season as he joins the World of Outlaws national late model tour as well as discuss what he looks for in a race car to make the most speed. We also talk about his asphalt days racing against Chase Elliott and the money spent at the Snowball Derby! It is a great conversation! The boys also chat about the ridiculous amount of rookie talent confirmed to run the World of Outlaw schedule this year for the rookie of the year honours.  


Season 3 Episode 1: “Mr. Excitement”

Spencer and Thayne are joined by Mr. Excitment Chris Morrow who announces his pullback from full time racing competition and we take a ride down memory lane telling stories and finding out the journey that took Chris from Barrie Speedway Thunder car to 9 time champion!  


Season 1 - episode 3: “Gateway Dirt Nationals Recap”

The Boys Recap the show on the drive home! yes, it is truckcast time!!! We go over the big stories from the weekend and there are a few insider tidbits in there as well! Spencer is also trying to navigate at the same time with the expected results!


Season 1 - Episode 2: Snowball Derby Recap

The Boys are joined by Chris Mitchell fresh off being the crew chief for Logan Boyett at the Snowball Derby. The boys discuss everything snowball derby! Surprises and disappointments along with talk of the ambience of it all. Nothing is quite like qualifying night at the Snowball Derby!